7 Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Trimmer

Everyone who owns a home loves to step out into a beautiful lawn with hedges cut and the trees all trimmed to perfection. But often, the homeowner is hardly equipped with all the skills needed to make this possible. DIY is not always the best for tree trimming considering the risk of injuries. Hiring a tree trimming professional is your best bet. Here are 7 important reasons to hire a professional tree trimmer:

1. Efficient Work

Trimming your trees yourself will take you days to complete. For an arborist (a tree care professional)  however, it takes a shorter time, and he gives you the best service. A professional tree trimmer has tools and training that are unavailable to you, and that no DIY training could likely give you. 

Professionals understand everything about tree maintenance, they have all the equipment, they provide after-services consultation. What you find complex and may injure yourself doing, they can do with ease and less time. They’d trim, then collect debris, all in a breath. 

2. Proper technique for trimming 

Say you are going to trim your trees yourself, you’d probably begin to cut off branches indiscriminately, thus endangering the life of your tree. A professional knows what part of the trees to trim, he understands the trees within your area. He knows how to trim your trees into shape without killing them. Having the right tools does not always result in a good job. With a professional, the story is different. Professionals will advise you about your trees, they can suggest shapes, sizes and offer assistance with new types of trees and shrubs for your lawn.

3. Safety concerns

In 2019, an eight-year-old girl died when a tree fell on her family’s home in Florida during a strong storm. Sometimes, homeowners leave trees to overgrow. Many of them do not realize the dangers. Some would love to do their own pruning but do not have equipment. When storms arrive these trees become death traps when they fall over the road or on nearby homes. 

Professional tree trimmers can help you avoid such disasters from happening if you engage their services early enough. The thought that you have to climb and endanger your own life to prune your trees can make you put it off. Besides, doing the trimming yourself can lead to injuries for you if you fall off a ladder or trip over falling tree limbs. 

Professional trimmers have safety equipment, skill, and knowledge that helps them accomplish the job without harming themselves or their family. 

Tree trimming companies have trained professionals, tools and training that you lack, they have technical know-how and the guts it takes to climb up a tree and cut protruding branches that become future risks. 

4. Insurance concerns

People hardly anticipate accidents but professionals do. It is part of their training to assess the risk involved in every task. And they usually have insurance covers that protect you and your home in case of accidents. If you DIY, your health insurance may not cover accidents when they happen from trimming your own trees. 

Before going to work on your trees the professionals will do a risk assessment, determine if your home is at risk and avoid it. This is one of the things you may neglect on account of your own ignorance. With tree trimming, you should never take chances with your home or family’s security. 

5. Your tree’s health

Every homeowner is concerned deeply about the appearance and health of their trees. If your trees are fruit-bearing trees for example, you are concerned about their health and how much they are able to yield. Tree professionals have training that helps them know if your fruit tree is sick, infected, or dying. They therefore know how to trim, what to treat it with in order to keep your tree alive. Since you lack this deep knowledge about trees, you may end up doing more damage to your tree if you trim it yourself. 

Over pruning kills trees. Especially fruit trees. A professional is in the best position to provide routine consultation and maintenance. 

6. After-service benefits

Little things add up to big, important things. Credible tree professionals will always make your investment in tree trimming worth it with their after-service consultation. They trim, clean up, but also provide services like; tree removal, maintenance, tree cabling, stumps grinding, and landscaping. After a tree trimming episode, you may want to review your landscaping. You can have discounts on their services as they take on the project. They help with tree planting, fertilization, and disease prevention. Most tree professionals know their onions when it comes to trees but you also need to do a background check on the one you engage for your trees before contracting them. 

7. Aesthetic concerns 

Healthy trees imbue an invaluable freshness into your environment. The overall appearance and aesthetics of your property is greatly improved when you employ tree trimming professionals to do the job. If you ever wish to sell your property in the future, the health and appearance of your trees can influence, and greatly increase its market value. 

You can always tell from afar a tree that was trimmed by a professional. They look almost unreal, giving the home around them a picturesque aura. And you can surely tell when the work was done by the unprofessional homeowner, the outcome of the endeavor is usually unsightly. 

This is not to condemn having DIY skills. Hiring tree trimming professionals helps you avoid issues that often result in accidents. Besides, you want the professional touch that cares for the health of your trees, saves you money, and transforms your property into a beautiful garden. 

Tree Trimming Company Near Me: Hiring the Pros Is Worth It

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to hire tree trimming professionals when you need tree trimming work done. At Godhan’s Tree Services, we can help with tree trimming, tree and stump removal, emergency and storm damage jobs, and more. 

Are you looking to hire the best tree removal company in Central Texas and its surroundings? If so, contact us today!

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