How to Increase Home Value by Adding Trees

Planting a tree as with keeping any living thing is no doubt a responsibility. But when we compare the overall benefits accrued from them it’s a noble responsibility. Did you know you could increase the value of your property by growing trees? if you don’t then read further as this post will reveal how to increase home value by adding trees.

Although, there are lots of things to consider before digging up the soil or buying the seedling. One certain thing is that your home would be better for it. Still not sure? Read through as we guide you through how to increase your home value by adding trees.

Do Trees Affect Property Value?

Yes, maintaining a healthy and mature tree can increase the value of your home by an average of 10%. This is not far from the roles they play in nature, the numerous benefits they offer, and the beauty they bring to the property. 

Naturally, homes with a well-planned garden and landscape tend to sell at a higher price than those without. Adding a garden or several trees brings an interesting curb appeal your buyers would be more impressed by. If you are considering selling your property, the curb appeal a tree brings is one reason to consider adding them to your property.

They reduce the cost of heating or cooling systems in a building, soften noise and offer privacy which many people love. Thinking of the serenity birds bring? A tree could help with that. Besides for a family, a tree makes building a treehouse possible and creates many memories to be treasured.

Best Trees to Plant to Increase Home Value

Choosing the right trees can make a big difference in your home. While we can be rest assured that the trees can do a lot of good, they can as well be difficult to manage if wrongly selected, planted too close to a structure, or if they block entrances or a view. 

Therefore, when choosing trees to plant to add value to your home, always put into consideration: the height and width which could actually match the available space you have.

But just as there are different types of trees, know that each adds different values to your home. For many homeowners seeking to improve the value of their property, five trees stand out as the main deal. These trees are renowned for being attractive, easy to manage, and having a really compact structure. These properties make their presence in your yard a blessing.

  • Frangipani

Frangipani is a little succulent tree with a nice white, pink, or apricot flowers in summer and autumn. Usually, Frangipani grows well in tropical temperatures and has the possibility of reaching about 3-6 meters high.

  • Maples

Japanese Maples are the top choice amongst landscapers when deciding on which tree would add beauty and improve the overall value of the land. These maples have vibrant red autumn leaves but you get to see their best version in cool to temperate gardens and they grow 2-6 meters high.

  • Evergreen Ash

As its name implies, it is an evergreen tree with light ferny leaves and tassels of flowers. It grows from about 3-7 meters high. Aside from its year-round green color, it also provides a shady spot to sit on a hot sunny day.

  • Magnolias

Magnolias are another must-have tree in your yard. These are notable for producing flowers year-round. The size of the tree would depend on the variety you are getting. If you are seeking to get it close to the house, you might want to consider a shorter variety.

  • Citrus trees

You will hit big with any citrus trees planted in your home. It is not a new thing that everybody likes a productive tree. You should know that many other trees are productive in gardens such as apples, pears, and many others but citrus is generally appreciated.

How Tree Trimming Can Increase Your Home Value

One thing many tree owners forget to do is to trim their trees once they attain a certain level of maturity. Trimming the trees planted in your home is so important that it could give the right impression of the property. 

Well-trimmed trees just like well-manicured nails are appealing to the eyes. Trimming your trees can directly reveal your property and improve the view of your property. The overall appearance and structure of the tree are improved and invariably the appearance of your home. 

Also, you need healthy trees for your home to be positively affected by them. With that in mind, trimming your trees adds sunlight exposure and it circulates air throughout the tree and all of that improves the health of the tree. With the help of a professional tree trimming company, you can improve the structural integrity of your trees, mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches, while improving the overall appearance of the tree.

5 Significant ways Trees Add Value to Your Property

Why prospective homeowners are psyched about trees is not far-fetched from their value propositions. Trees are known to provide some significant advantages for property owners. Below are five significant ways trees add value to your property.

Lifetime Beauty

Trees live for a very long time. In fact, a tree is called matured if it has lived for at least 10 years. If you have one that is well taken care of, you have got yourself a beauty spot that would last for a very long time.

Cooling Shade

Trees create cool spots automatically reducing the effect of heat. On a hot day, a tree shade is always a reliable place to rest. Also, there are certain locations on your property where if you plant a tree it can automatically reduce heating and cooling costs. 

However, areas that are without shade trees can become a “heat arena” with the temperature increasing so high.

Visual Interest

So many trees are valued for their hardiness, adaptiveness, long-living, and attractiveness. Trees improve the home design, bring more sociable neighbors and it creates a beautiful neighborhood. Your landscape designer would love to create amazing scenes using your trees.

Economic Trees

Some trees are grown specifically for their economic values. For instance, pines and conifers are excellent sources of softwood that can be used by furniture companies. If you have some of such a type in your yard, you could earn passive income from the proceeds from the tree. Why wouldn’t anyone want that? 

Productive Trees

Trees add value directly to your property by being productive. Under normal circumstances, certain trees produce edible fruits. Examples of such types are apple, orange, mango, pear, lime, and many others. 

Whether for personal use or economic interest, people love productive trees. Having one on your property is one of the rare blessings that can shoot the value of your home upward.


Yes, trees increase the value of your home. They do this for several advantages they provide to the environment. If you are a landowner seeking to sell your home in the future, you might want to look into growing a healthy and mature tree.

To reap the full benefits of your trees, growing them is not enough, you need to properly prune your trees to maintain the aesthetic appeal and improve the value of your property.

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