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Professional Tree Health Assessment Services

Investing in the health and longevity of your tree is very necessary considering the vital role trees play in our home and society at large. The fact that it increases property value in the long term and provides shade and privacy to our homes makes it a vital aspect of our property we need to pay attention to.

At Godhan’s, our certified arborists will help you to properly diagnose the health of your trees, recommend the best treatment for the affected trees, and advise you on the best ways to maintain and keep your trees healthy.

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Here are a few more benefits on why we need trees:

These and some other reasons are why we need to take care of our trees and we are here to help homeowners make sure that their trees get the right care and treatment it needs to survive and thrive.

Why Your Tree Need Health Assessment

Trees just like every other living thing are susceptible to diseases and infections that have the capacity to decrease their lifespan and cause major havoc on them.

To keep your tree healthy and robust, you need to schedule regular visits with an arborist to run a health assessment on your trees most especially after a disaster such as heavy storms, prolonged droughts, and other natural disasters in order to determine the health condition of your tree, discover those that are already infected, and recommend the best treatment for them.

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How Much Does a Tree Health Assessment Cost?

The cost of assessing the health of a tree varies depending on factors such as purpose, needs, and expected results. .

To determine the exact cost to effectively assess the health of your tree, Click here to Get in Touch with our certified arborist today. Our tree care specialists will help you diagnose your tree and advice you on the best treatment to restore your tree’s health. 

Why Choose Godhan's Tree Health Assessment Service

Hiring a local tree service company is vital to assessing and maintaining the health of your tree. Godhan’s is a local tree service company, helping households in Eastern NC and surrounding areas to properly assess the health of their trees and ensure they are in good condition.

Whether you’re experiencing mushrooms or other fungal growth at the base of your tree or improperly shaped and discolored leaves, our highly trained and certified tree care specialists will help you to diagnose and restore the health of your tree where it will be able to produce new growth from time to time with abundant and well-colored leaves.

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