The Complete Tree Removal Guide for Homeowners

There are several reasons you may need a tree removal service. Some of which include: you have a diseased tree; the tree is affecting the foundation of your fence or building; you need to remove a dead tree, or a tree is probably constituting a nuisance in your environment. Regardless of the reason, tree removal is often necessary for the overall health of the tree and improving the aesthetics of your property. Removing any tree from your home is easy and cost-effective if you use a local tree surgeon, but it can also be difficult if you try to do it yourself. Before undergoing any tree removal process, there are a few major things you should know as a homeowner and we have gone ahead to cover everything you need to know about tree removal in this complete tree removal guide for homeowners.

Let’s dive in.

What Trees Can Be Cut Down Without Obtaining Permission?

If you are unsure of all the lawfulness of removing a tree, it is important to obtain advice from your local council or the relevant authority involved. You can also consult a local tree care professional near you to know the trees that can be removed without permission.

However, if you are the owner of your home, you do not need permission to remove a tree that’s solely within your garden unless it’s under tree preservation law, or in a conservation area. If you do not own your home and instead pay rent, you need to first obtain the permission of the homeowner.

If a tree trunk is in your neighbor’s residence but the branches overhang into your residence, you have every right to cut off the overhanging branches but can’t touch the trunk because it’s in your neighbor’s residence.

If a tree must be removed outside of a private garden or residence, you may need a license. You can obtain this license from the relevant government authority in your area. As stated earlier, to avoid getting in trouble for removing trees without permission, the best way to know what trees can be cut down is to consult your local council or speak with a local arborist.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

The cost to remove a tree depends on several factors such as the size of the tree, the location, and the tree’s health. Having said that, the cost of removing a tree depends largely on the size. Removing a smaller tree will be much easier and will take less time to carry out while a bigger tree will take more time. The typical cost for removing a tree is between $150 and $2,000 depending on the tree in question. Sometimes more for trees that require advanced machinery. You can also speak with a professional to determine the exact cost of removing a tree from your property.

Hiring Tree Removal Services: What You Should Know

Removing a tree, whether big or small, is best left in the hands of professionals. A tree removal expert is almost inevitable if you want to save yourself from the hassle, irritations, harm, difficulty, and possible injuries, as well as conserve your time and energy.

There are some major things to consider if you are going to hire a tree removal expert and they include:


You need to evaluate the liability and worker’s payment insurance of the tree removal services you’re contemplating on hiring.  You should ensure your tree service’s insurance and certifications come directly from the agency. This is to make sure that the certificates handed over to you are not falsified or fabricated. You need to be thorough and cautious so that you don’t end up with scam companies or fly-by-night arborists that are unlicensed and uncertified. 

If you hire the services of an uninsured company, you become liable for any accident or mishap that happens. This can be financially and mentally uncomfortable. If your property becomes damaged, you’ll be responsible. To avoid any of these issues, ensure the company has an insurance policy.


Also, ensure that the services of the tree removal company you’re about to hire are affordable. You don’t have to break the bank or cut through your entire savings because you want to hire the services of a tree removal company. Ensure you hire the services of an affordable firm or company. Having said that, it is also good to know that affordable pricing, though important, but should not be the only criteria for choosing a tree removal company, and that brings us to the next important factor to consider which is credibility.


Ensure that you make proper research on the reputation of the tree removal services you’re about to hire. Online reviews of that firm or company should be positive from a variety of sources. It is also essential to confirm from the people close to you as some neighbors, friends, or even families might be familiar with the tree removal service you’re about to hire or might have used them in the past.

Removing Trees By Yourself: Things to Consider

If you’re competent, qualified, and have some experience removing trees, then it becomes possible and less tasking to remove dead or unwanted trees. Having the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and toolset, and also adhering to the proper steps and procedures, may help you forgo professional services without any consequences. 

However, for first-timers or novices, it can be really difficult. If you know you’re unable to remove a tree yourself, maybe you’re unsure of your safety. Thus it is advisable to hire a tree removal expert. If however, you want to try it out yourself, here are some helpful and safe steps:

Prepare Safety Equipment

Before you purchase an electric chainsaw, consider the important features. Removing trees with the use of chainsaws can be harmful, so it is important to consider your safety and that of those in the environment. 

You need to prepare heavily for tree removal. You would need essential safety gear such as a sturdy helmet, face screen or shield, gloves, safety glasses, and earmuffs when removing trees. Also, remember to purchase the important caps, ropes, and chains and ensure you have everything handy.

Measure The Felling Area

Do not underestimate the area of the ground around the tree you’re about to remove. It’s advisable to measure the felling area instead of relying on prediction. Proper and thorough measurements are both necessary. One plausible way is to get the measurement of the tree and then calculate the distance where it will fall. Ensure some extra space is left just to be sure. If you are removing a tree close to your home, it’s best to hire a tree removal professional to avoid causing damage to your home and property.

Make Sure You Cut The Notch First.

When removing trees, it’s a reasonable idea to make the depth of the notch one-fifth of the tree’s trunk diameter. The notch of a tree is a very crucial factor for removal. Notch points must be in contact with falling cuts. By utilizing the hinge, the tree will be guided in a proper felling direction. Ensure you cut the top first, before the bottom.


Tree removal can be a worthwhile experience when properly carried out. Ensure you do your proper homework if you’re going to hire a tree removal company service, and if you’re going to do it yourself, ensure all safety procedures are carried out to avoid causing harm to yourself and damage to your property. 

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